Free 3D Castle Screensaver

Free 3D Castle Screensaver 1.0

Atmospheric creepy castle screensaver


  • Good 3D graphics
  • Excellent sound effects


  • Could be annoying in an office

Very good

Sometimes you need something to literally scare the wits out of you to wake you up during a working day.

Ok, this is not exactly Freddy Kruger but it's a pretty cool creepy scrrensaver for horror fans or anyone that's ever watched Psycho. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be Dracula's Castle (it's a bit dark to tell) but the point is that it's well done and comes with some ghoulish sound effects which are really realistic, if a bit funny at times. This 3D screensaver whisks you around the castle and leaves your imagination to work out what's going on inside as the rain lashes down. Just be careful to turn the volume down if you leave it running in the office as the ghoulish screams, laughs and thunder strikes will annoy the hell out of colleagues.

A creepy but brilliantly designed and atmospheric screensaver for adding a bit of ghoulish fun to your day.

Find yourself in a mysterious and scary place with the help of our Free Castle Screensaver.

Watch an old castle standing on a desolated hill and the lightning tearing the dark sky. Really a terrifying scene! Do you want to tickle your nerves? What are you waiting for? Put this screensaver on your computer and try to guess who is living in this castle.

Free 3D Castle Screensaver


Free 3D Castle Screensaver 1.0

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